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Feed The Need Lunchbox Competition
In honor of the 15th Anniversary of Philadelphia Montessori Charter School (PMCS) and to raise awareness of the importance of a great education and nutrition, PMCS will partner with My Daughter’s Kitchen. Artists will design a one of a kind lunch box and submit work to PMCS by February 29, 2020.
CSFP Girard College Philly School Fair (K-8)
Free & Open to the public! Learn about your kindergarten, elementary, and middle school options!
Children's Scholarship Fund Philadelphia Launch
Saturday, September 14 11AM - 2PM
Be among among the first to apply to CSFP's random lottery for K-8th grade scholarships!
Low-Cost Home Internet Access for Students & Families
Comcast is currently offering low-cost home internet access for students and families as part of their Internet Essentials program. The program provides households with school-age children with high-speed internet service.
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